Hot Water Heater Tips from Plumbers

Every household relies heavily on its home plumbing system, that any significant damage could surely inconvenience every member of the household. Household heads should do what it takes to keep the property’s plumbing network in its best condition to avoid damage. Any ongoing plumbing issue is disastrous not just for the structure, but also for the pocket. 

 To ensure that homeowners could act immediately on plumbing problems, plumbing experts say property owners should keep an eye on warning signs of an impending plumbing catastrophe. So, what are these signs? 

Foul odor coming from the drains

One of the blatant, and offensive signs of a looming plumbing disaster is a foul odor emanating from drains. If a bathroom smells like a sewer even if it has just been cleaned, or the kitchen smells like rotten egg even if there aren’t any, then it is highly likely that there is an ongoing drainage problem within the property. The red flag is waving all the more if the odor seems to pervade everywhere within the home. Get a licensed plumber to check on this right away as it is a serious sign of a sewer problem.

Slow or clogged drains

Drains could clog from time to time but if one of the drains at home is perennially clogged then most likely there is an issue with that section of the drain system. It is more alarming though if the drains around the house are simultaneously clogged or slowed. Such a situation means that there is sewer trouble that needs the immediate attention of a licensed plumbing expert. 

Leaking water heater

A leaky water heater is most likely at its end-of-life stage. It means rusting and corrosion have already gotten the better of the tank. The homeowner should have his tank replaced before it causes more inconvenience and discomfort from household members. 

Rocking toilet

Toilet bowls should remain sturdy and should not move. If it is rocking, then a homeowner should immediately refer the matter to a licensed plumber who can assess and remediate the issue right away. Problematic toilets are not only expensive to repair, but they are also a safety hazard. The whole household should refrain from using the toilet until the issue is fully dealt with. 

Hot Water Plumber Tips

Homebuyers are always on the lookout for home features that make life in their potential new home more convenient and comfortable. Plumbing fixtures add value to any household’s lifestyle, and most upgrades will surely catch the eye of a discerning buyer. 

For property owners who are looking at selling their homes, it is best to carry out affordable yet really useful plumbing improvements that will also help attract potential home buyers. Below are some of these suggested plumbing upgrades.

Before selling a home, the property owner should see to it that his plumbing fixtures are replaced if they are damaged or is at the end of their lifespan.

Repiping when needed

Nothing raises a red flag than outdated piping systems. Yes, pipes can last for several decades, but like any other plumbing fixture, it also gets worn out and reaches its end of life. A home seller should find out whether his home needs a piping replacement before he decides to put up his home for sale. A home inspector can easily spot outdated piping and this could affect the contract price of a home. The same goes for drainage pipes. Drains are very crucial in any home as a clogged or defective system could cause a lot of inconveniences including flooding. Have it inspected as well and replace if necessary.

Upgrading an end-of-life water heater

Replacing the home water heater is quite expensive. This is why most home buyers will ask home sellers when the water heater is installed. Since most water heaters last for 12-15 years, property owners with aging units are encouraged to replace their water heaters with newer and eco-friendlier models. Such a feature will most likely get appreciated by home buyers, especially those who have gone through the expense and trouble of replacing their water heater. 

Eco-friendly plumbing fixtures 

Upgrading into eco-friendly plumbing fixtures will catch the eye of home buyers who are looking to minimize water consumption and save on their utility bills. Eco-friendly plumbing fixtures include low-flow toilets, showers, and faucets. Environment-conscious home buyers are also most likely to give plus points to homes that have a rainwater harvesting system that has appropriate plumbing connections for outdoor and indoor water use. 

Better appliances and home devices

A home with an appropriately-sized garbage disposal system will be attractive to any buyer who uses the kitchen heavily. The same goes for a highly efficient dishwasher. Another upgrade or plumbing fixture that will merit a second look from a buyer is a whole house filtration system. Apart from ensuring clean water in all of the taps at home, this system will also contribute to savings and convenience as the household will no longer rely on water deliveries and water bottles. It is eco-friendlier too since it eliminates the need to buy bottled water that just adds up to trash and environmental degradation. 

San Diego Plumber Tips

Lowering water consumption at home is one of the best and most effective ways to bring down utility bills. There are several San Diego Plumber tips to minimize water usage in a household. Some involve upgrading key plumbing fixtures like toilets, faucets, and showers. Others meanwhile are geared towards using contraptions that could help prevent unnecessary use like leak alarms and aerators.

Fortunately, one of the most effective ways of lowering water consumption does not even cost a cent, as all it takes is discipline and common sense. This article will discuss some easy yet smart ways to minimize water consumption at home that any household member can do. 

Discuss water consumption at home

A good way to lower water consumption is by educating every household member to just use the water that they need. For instance, discourage prolonged showers and frequent bathing, and instead encourage household members to just take quick showers daily.

Tell household members, especially children, and teenagers to turn off the shower while shampooing their hair and soaping up. The same goes while brushing their teeth, encourage children to turn off the faucet and use a cup to gargle water. Men and older children should likewise be encouraged to turn off the faucet while shaving. 

Household maintenance

Homeowners should likewise check their faucets, showers, and other plumbing fixtures for the leak. They should have a licensed plumber address these leaks right away as leaking water add up to the household water use and causes water damage. 

If a homeowner suspects leaks and could not determine exactly where the leak is coming from then it is time to invest in a leak detection service. Yes, it may be an additional maintenance cost, but it is much better than paying for a water bill where a fraction of which is unutilized but wasted.  

Periodic professional maintenance is also highly important in any home. It detects ongoing issues that could affect water consumption, it detects brewing problems, and more importantly, it addresses both. Having a licensed plumber check plumbing systems is crucial in ensuring that the home only consumes the water it needs. 

Timely replacement of plumbing fixtures and appliances

Homeowners should also take the opportunity to replace worn-out plumbing fixtures with eco-friendlier alternatives. For instance, when replacing an old or damaged faucet, homeowners should choose low-flow versions. The same goes with showerheads and toilets. 

Appliances that use water like washing machines, dryers, and dishwashers likewise have high-efficiency models that use less water and energy to function. Homeowners should invest in these appliances to save on water consumption in the long run.